I’m a passionate manufacturing and business advocate, and I love presenting to and sharing with any sized group – from intimate corporate teams to large events with 10,000 attendees. My experiences and specialties are: global & regional manufacturing trends, reshoring, industrial economic trends, communications & marketing for manufacturers, supply chains, and the overall importance of manufacturing to an economy, society, & culture. Here are some examples of my presentations to companies, industries, and the press.

  This panel, Making It Cool: Gen Z Meets Manufacturing, was conducted by NCSU’s Institute for Emerging Issues in November of ’12. It’s purpose was to explore ways of attracting young people to careers and the passion of manufacturing. My fellow panelists were Adam Friedman, Aly Khalifa, Chris Anderson and Joe LaRussa. Our moderator was Anita Graham-Brown, and she – and everyone – did a fantastic job on a very important topic. (click image to watch – 59:34)
  At IMTS 2012, I presented ‘Where It’s At: Manufacturing Trends & Conditions in 2012‘ that covered what I feel are the most pressing issues facing US manufacturing today. Among the topics covered are the skills and talent shortage in manufacturing, faulty formulas in our economic reports that skew our perceptions, the reshoring of production back to the US from low-cost countries, and our lack of – and need for – a comprehensive manufacturing policy in the US. (click image to watch – 17:13)
  Also from IMTS 2012, here’s a presentation titled ‘Capitalizing On Change: Marketing To Manufacturing In A Social World.’ The premise of this piece is an overall view of how social media is being used – and how it’s not – by industrial, tech-minded prospects researching technology solutions online. Topics covered include the industrial buying cycle and the habits of those traveling through it, and the importance of a company’s Web site in 2012 manufacturing. (click image to watch – 31:14)
For more videos & excerpts of AJ speaking at various events, on panels, and for companies, take a jaunt over to AJ’s YouTube Channel.


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