Content. It’s the mystery word that many people that aren’t familiar with industries use with the frequency of a cheap ham radio to give them an edge. “Rich content,” or “engaging content” or “… here is where we insert the rich, engaging content.” I’ll tell ya, it drives me crazy.

But if content is king (and it is), then Context is Content’s Queen. Without the right structure, verbiage and presentation, you won’t be as successful – because it won’t resonate with those you’re trying to reach. And that’s too bad, because that’s where many companies lose out on their investment – focusing on the wine bottle, and not the wine.

I have years of experience – not just in crafting content strategies and messages, but also in studying how prospects and customers use them to navigate through the research and discovery stages of industrial/tech buying cycles.

And here’s the best part of what I bring to the content party – I’ve found that more often than not, industrial companies are sitting on a treasure trove of content that they never consider as useful. Right under their noses. Manufacturers and industrial businesses create this content everyday, but it sits in silos without any thought given to its tremendous legacy potential. I can help identify and contextualize this content to differentiate you from your competitors and get more attention from your markets.

I write, construct and contribute content & context in many ways. Here’s some of the ways I can help you:

  • Complete MarCom Content & Context Strategies
  • Integrated Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Business Data & Content Leveraging and Sharing
  • Industry DomainLeadership Strategies & Tactics
  • Technical Articles
  • Magazine Articles
  • Press Releases & Strategies

“In the ten years I worked with AJ on our web strategies and development, he consistently identified what would work and what wouldn’t. That practical approach laid the strategic groundwork for what continues to be a very commercially successful and sustainable online business.”
Senior Vice President, manufacturing

“(AJ’s) ability to share his passion and vision and infect those around him is what I loved most about working with him. He is a true visionary and an amazing mentor.”
Web Developer

“AJ has helped us both internally and externally to communicate more efficiently with our Customers, Prospects, Analysts and Partners in global markets we service.”
CEO of a Global Supply Chain Software and Services Company

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