Effective speakers are tough to define.

Are they fun? Sure. Passionate? Must be. Do they bring something new to the party? I certainly hope so. Authentic? Oh, yeah – they have to know what they’re talking about, right?

I try to bring all of that to every presentation, conference or panel – strong information, candor, respect & not a little fun. Industrial marketing, communications, industry & business trends, supply chain challenges & trends, reshoring and global manufacturing developments are my specialties.

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I’ve spoken before many groups, and I can kick it for yours:

  • Associations & Conventions
  • Local Chapters & Societies
  • Company Events
  • Trade Shows

Or maybe you’re in the broadcast, online, or traditional media, and you’re looking for a unique interview focused on a current manufacturing topic.

Regardless, I can bring a fresh take on the manufacturing business landscape to make your project or event better.

But don’t just take it from me – here are some kind words from folks I’ve worked with:

“AJ … is an absolutely gifted public speaker and one that you should seek out. If you take one part preacher, a second part politician and a third part manufacturing pundit and you gently shake the cocktail sifter, that’s AJ. The man is absolutely dangerous with a microphone, and is probably the best speaker I’ve heard in the past year.”
Sourcing & Manufacturing Industry Authority

“AJ has a remarkable ability to visualize how the Internet can serve real people doing real jobs. And he is truly gifted in communicating that vision to others, particularly in large group settings. As an old web analogy goes, AJ knows the difference between the wine bottle and the wine.”
Senior Vice President, manufacturing

“AJ is hands down the best communicator that I have ever worked with. Whether writing or speaking his command of the audience is astonishing. While he is talented enough to be quite arrogant, he is incredibly humble and a great team player.”
Director, Global Sourcing, manufacturing

“Decicated… Engaged… Brilliant communication skills… A Thinker… An Expert… A Writer and Blogger. AJ is an exceptional speaker.”
Serial Entrepreneur , Internet start-ups & industrial businesses, EMEA

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