We all need another set of eyes & ears every now and then. Why not get a fresh perspective from someone that knows your industry, the players, the behaviors, & the trends?

Maybe you’re doing just fine. Or maybe you’re doing your own assessment, figuring out your next steps. Or – like many other good folks – you feel that what you’re doin’ ain’t cuttin’ it, and you’re not sure what comes next.

I can add some clarity, and maybe a little of that aforementioned perspective. If you’re business needs the help, I can:

Assess current business conditions & opportunities, and provide strategies / tactics to capitalize via sustainable, practical solutions

Build new revenue streams to increase profits and market share

Develop & deliver tailored training to your staff on best sales & marketing practices for your industry & markets

Review your current workflows & tactics, and recommend detailed improvements

What others have to say about me:

“I’ve worked with a fair number of social media pros over the past five years and AJ is hands down one of the best. He has an inexhaustible drive for results, superior communications skills (written and oral), and deep domain knowledge of business — especially manufacturing and international trade.”
Director of Global PR, manufacturing

“AJ is a thought leader. His innovative and creative ideas and strategies helped us successfully monetize our web activities. AJ is unique, challenging and invaluable!”
President, manufacturing publishing industry

“AJ was one of the earliest voices teaching manufacturing businesses how to use the Web effectively, and he continues to be a thought leader in this area. Whether in the capacity of consultant, writer, or presenter, one of A.J.’s sensitivities is a well-developed sense of what is practical — that is, what is worth doing and what is not.”
Multimedia Editor & Writer, manufacturing

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