I help companies become more efficient & profitable with scalable communications, integrated marketing and information-sharing strategies that are tailored for business.

And to do that, I customize common marketing, communications channels & media solutions for uncommon results. I know that sounds canned, but put another way:

I inspire & help businesses save money and time.

No gobbledygook. No buzzwords (well, maybe a few …). And no cookie-cutter solutions. Just strategies that make sense for your business. I’ve done that for hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses, and for multi-national corporations like these:

Maybe you’re looking for a fresh take on manufacturing, your markets, or useful perspectives for your team function or industry event. Maybe you’re in the broadcast, online, or traditional media, and you’re looking for a unique interview focused on a current manufacturing topic. Maybe you’re not sure where to begin with ‘Procial Media‘ for your business. Maybe you’ve dabbled in emerging media. You might be going full-bore into the breach. Or maybe you’d just like a tune-up. Here’s how I can help:

Speaking I’m a pretty good speaker. At least that’s what I’m told. Word has it that I’m awfully entertaining, and just as informative. Wow. I’d thank myself for that, if it wouldn’t seem even odder than it felt telling you in the first place. But I do know how to kick it, and I’m focused on leaving an audience – from 3 to 10,000 – with something useful to their cause. My passions are within and around the global manufacturing genome – the behaviors, the developments, and the opportunities. Regardless of where you serve in supply, value, or design chains, I’ll make sure your business team or event audience feels appreciated and informed.

Coaching & Training I will research your company’s external marketing or internal communications channels, and help your staffs become more efficient in managing them. And I can address your company’s C-suite or executives to help them understand the evolving online & offline landscapes and make more sound decisions. Yeah, I’m happy to do that.

Writing & Content Strategies I’ve written for a lot of unique business environments and industries. Sometimes about technology, sometimes business, and a lot about communications & marketing & how to be effective with ‘em all. I can help your company coordinate and tailor content strategies that serve all stakeholders effectively, and are fluid enough to grow and adapt to needs you don’t even know you have yet.

Assessment & Strategy You’re on a journey. This isn’t a project with drop-dead dates. It’s plugging into where your clients are and giving them what they need. From here on out. The right strategy for your company shouldn’t be cookie-cutter – it should be as unique as your business, your assets and your goals are. And it should integrate with your business & its needs to effectively share data and knowledge – to increase productivity, profitability & efficiency. I’ll assess those needs and provide a detailed, tailored strategy around what your business should and shouldn’t do to be as successful & efficient as possible.

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