This Georgia Manufacturer & Others Need Our Support

This tornado slammed Adairsville, GA, and destroyed Daiki - a small fabricating shop there.

Sometimes, it’s hard to decide who to help and when. Often, we have to turn someone or something away in order to support ourselves, our own, and the causes we care most about.

But, to me, this one’s a no-brainer.

On January 30th, 2013, a powerful storm front moved through the southern US and wreaked havoc on communities from Arkansas to the East Coast. Within the front, a massive tornado formed in northern Georgia. In it’s path was Daiki, a metal fabricating shop located in Adairsville, about 60 miles north of Atlanta.

Today, Daiki is barely here.

For some perspective, take a look at this picture from an article & slideshow on the Huffington Post. And while you’re at it, imagine that this is your shop. Or your co-workers. Or your family. Or your friends. Or you.

Pam Parker sifts through debris while looking for any personal belongings in the area where she was sitting at her desk when a tornado struck the Daiki plant, a metal fabrication company where she works, in Adairsville, Ga. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Over the last 30 years, the US manufacturing base has been decimated through offshoring and chasing cheap labor. We lost a lot of manufacturing plants since. There are those trying to help with that, fighting the good fight, like Harry Moser at the Reshoring Initiative and other US manufacturing advocates.

But what about when tragedy strikes, something that has nothing to do with greed, miscalculations, poor business chops or resisting progress? Who lends a hand, gives ’em support, provides comfort?

I’ll tell ya who. It’s us. It’s you, me, and everyone else that’s fortunate enough to live and function in the US manufacturing tidal pool.

There are tragedies every year, sure. I’m certain that Daiki isn’t the only manufacturer to catch a tough break on January 30th. Small and medium sized manufacturers have been smoked by disasters a lot lately. Sandy, other weather events, massive wildfires …

But I’m focused on Daiki right now. They need our support. They need to know that they aren’t forgotten or ignored. They at least need to know that the fellowship of US manufacturing gives a damn about them, that we realize they are people with families, and they’re in for a rough patch.

Will you reach out to them? Will you let them know that you’re pulling for them? Maybe just shoot them a message through their Web site? Or call them at 770-773-9000? Or how about a small donation to support Daiki and the Adairsville community?

(To add to the desperation, I just tried to send emails to Daiki through their Contact Us page. It was returned as undeliverable. But I’m gonna keep trying.)

Or maybe there’s a manufacturer in your community that’s facing an uphill battle to rebuild and come back from the unexpected or unthinkable.

Right now, there are people that are the backbone of US manufacturing that aren’t sure what their future holds. The least we can do is let them know that we’re with them now.

Go ahead. Reach out.

Written by AJ Sweatt