There are strong signs that US manufacturing is poised for a strong rebound. US manufacturing has expanded for the 18th straight month. Small manufacturers in North America – the core of our manufacturing base – are finally starting to hire. The US gubmint is finally paying attention. Innovation and making things are en vogue again. Manufacturing is showing itself to be the economic force many of us always knew it to be.

But us old salts who have been around and in manufacturing for years know that glamor lives in the seemingly unglamorous. That in what might appear as unsophisticated to the uninitiated, there lies a mastery of the natural world that is honest and irrefutable. It’s the ability to adjust, compose, create and utilize technology to make things well, and better.

Watch this video.

To put it in the words of a dear, wildly intelligent friend of mine, “It’s hard to overstate how well done this is.” In my words, watch it to see how smart, strong businessmen and machining professionals are embracing technologies to give themselves an edge. And do NOT underestimate how cool it is that these two shops are willing to share what they’ve done with their peers. And you.

You may see more dramatic, sexy videos and promotions soon that depict manufacturing in the light we should never have lost for it. That’s a good thing. But don’t overlook this one, ’cause it focuses on a seemingly mundane event on a shop floor that can make all the difference in value for customers and cost savings for the companies that did this.

The video was produced by Todd Schuett of Creative Technology Corporation in Illinois. You’ll see it referenced in the March issue of Modern Machine Shop & MMSOnline. If you get the chance, shoot Todd a note. And tell him thanks.