By now, if you haven’t heard about reshoring – the repatriation of manufacturing to the US from offshore – you’ve been living under a rock. The trend has been growing for about 2 years now, and much of manufacturing in the US has been buzzing since.

And since President Obama held a meeting specifically to understand reshoring’s intricacies and used his ’12 State of the Union address to promote it, reshoring has hit the mainstream media like a Kardashian marriage.

(Well, maybe not THAT strong, but gimme a break – I’m on a roll …)

Now, you may be thinking to yourself the game’s well on it’s way. Nothing more to see here. Be on your way – the cavalry’s coming, and our work here is done.

If you are, you’re dead wrong. Now is the most important time to turn up the heat. Let every one – your representatives, your customers, your vendors, your markets – know that reshoring & manufacturing in markets of consumption bring real benefits to ALL stakeholders.

Below are a list of recent, awfully useful videos and links you can use to inform those in your spheres of influence about reshoring, and why it makes sense – FOR THEM. Post them (and others you can find) on your blogs and Web sites. Add them to your email signatures (both professional and personal). Forward them to anyone and everyone with a dog in this fight.

The game’s just beginning.


Harry Moser is interviewed by Pete Zelinski of MMS Online

Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative (a great source for reshoring info, BTW) is interviewed by Pete Zelinski of MMS Online about the value and benefits of reshoring production to the US.

In another interview with Harry Moser from IMTS-TV, more details of reshoring and its benefits are explored.

The owner officers of Chesapeake Candle Company in Maryland discuss manufacturing products in the US versus overseas in ‘low-cost’ countries.

Otis Elevator has begun reshoring vast amounts of its manufacturing, production, and engineering back to the US from offshore.

There are many videos, PDFs and other files besides those above you can include in your posts and attachments. Search for yourself and use ’em. But maybe one of the best reshoring references you can share is the Total Cost of Ownership Estimator from the Reshoring Initiative site – it gives tangible TCO results based on specific data input by anyone looking to off- or reshore.

And here are some links to articles that you can add to your collection of reshoring resources (Updated 16 NOVEMBER 2012):

This is by no means a comprehensive list of links or articles on reshoring. Look for examples in your industries, states or regions. And you can find another comprehensive list of reshoring articles & examples in the Reshoring Initiative’s Article Library. Share them, and do your part. Let’s keep up the pressure, and support sensible sourcing and manufacturing policies.