The Irony Of Tax Dodgers, Reshoring, And US Manufacturing

I find the comparison between those that off-shored manufacturing from the US and those that leave their home countries to avoid taxes awfully compelling.

Actually, it’s not the motivations behind their actions I find so interesting; it’s the contradictory responses of government & politicians toward both tactics that I find ironic.

Now, I know that unpredictable behavior by governments & politicians aren’t news. But what I’m seeing, I believe, speaks volumes about control, intentions, and who was responsible for moving our production & innovation bases to low cost countries in the first place.

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A Year Later, And Still No US Manufacturing Policy

I’d like to wish everyone in the United States – whether you’re affiliated directly with manufacturing or not – a very happy 1st anniversary.

Well, it’s not exactly a happy one … but it HAS been one year since the President established the White House’s Office of Manufacturing Policy (OMP). This office was established in conjunction with replacing then-outgoing ‘manufacturing czar’ Ron Bloom with two co-chairs of this new office. Not one czar – two. Heading up an Office of Manufacturing Policy. Think on that one for a minute .

And still, we have no meaningful signs of a comprehensive manufacturing policy in this country. Instead, we drift along rivers of uncertainty, speculation, (in)visible hands, and disconnected initiatives.

At this stage, we should all be asking the obvious questions – including the most glaring: How much longer are we gonna have to wait?

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The Ongoing Distortion Of Soaring US Manufacturing Productivity

You’ve heard and read the stories. They say that US manufacturing productivity has continued to rise over the past 15 years, accounting for the loss of manufacturing  jobs. They tout these immense productivity gains – most often attributed to automation – as the direct result of our industrial & intellectual superiority.

These are great stories. And they’d be so much better if they were true.

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Forget ‘Lead’ Generation – Think ‘Need’ Generation

One of the greatest travesties I’ve seen in companies that serve manufacturing or industrial markets is the system for managing ‘leads.’

The approach I’m talking about  immediately renders the prospect or customer as a number. Less than human. It creates the impression that the primary concern of the company is gettin’ the dough and moving on to the ‘next one.’ It minimizes the problems  a prospect is trying to solve, while elevating the company’s bargaining position. And we rationalize this as ‘just how business is done …’

How many relationships – business or otherwise – are sustained or even last after a beginning like that?

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Guess What, Kids? You Don’t Really Want A Job In Manufacturing

I just stumbled across CNN/Money’s list of Best 100 Jobs for 2012. The list shows those jobs that are expected to grow and earn more money in the US over the next decade.

I was shocked – but not at all surprised – at the number of manufacturing-related jobs that made the list. Maybe you will be too. But probably not.

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