The Chinese aren’t coming. They’re already here.

This week, it was reported that a Chinese manufacturer is opening an aluminum extrusion & fabricating shop in Indiana. There are other examples of this trend, like the Chinese energy company Suntech opening a production & manufacturing plant in Arizona.

Does this bother you?

At a time when we need all the solid, good-paying manufacturing jobs we can get, are you concerned?

While US economists and pundits argue that exporting to emerging markets like China won’t work, does anyone see this as a bad idea?

What we’re seeing today is the evolution from a continental economy to a global economy – certainly where manufacturing’s concerned, it is. And in that evolution, more and more countries are going to realize that it makes more economic sense to produce closer to consumption. That’s a notion that is as lean as it gets.

This isn’t an issue of shipping US manufacturing jobs overseas to return products back here. That’s the pursuit of short-term gain for its own sake, and isn’t sustainable. We’re seeing that play out now.

This is about how you feel about Chinese companies setting up manufacturing shops here. To make products to sell here.

If it does bother you, what’s your rationale? Does it trouble you because they’re Chinese? How is BMW or Mercedes producing cars here different?

And if it doesn’t, does that mean you support an exporting strategy overseas to sell into emerging or affluent markets?

I’d really like to hear how you feel.