In this video posted from Bloomberg, GE Appliances’ CEO James Campbell explains the logic, benefits and economic viability of reshoring the manufacturing and production of appliances from low-cost sources back to the US.

There are a multitude of notable observations made by Mr. Campbell here, including:

  • Keeping Engineering/Design/R&D married to Manufacturing is critical.
  • Managing extended supply chains bring with it inherent costs that are needless.
  • Total cost of ownership (“a systems view of costs” as he puts it) is the new mantra for GE’s appliance business.
  • US manufacturing is competitive globally.

Also worthy of note is that these are not the high-tolerance, low-volume products that are assumed to be either more immune to offshoring or first to be repatriated – these are mass-produced products being reshored for practical, sound business reasons. This is Lean personified.

And we’re talkin’ Louisville, Kentucky, yo!

Watch this video now – it may be the most remarkable moment in the shifting of reshoring from a trickle to a trend that I’ve seen the past year. And may be looked back on as THE watershed moment when other US-based manufacturers began to reassess their own supply chain strategies.

Behold, the wonders of manufacturing closer to consumption. Pass this along.