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Manufacturing Technology Consumption Isn’t A Leading Indicator – Or Even Great News

Good news is good news. And these days, US manufacturing deserves as much as it can get.

This week, a report was released that announced manufacturing & machine tool consumption is up 105% in 2011 over 2010. The US Manufacturing Technology Consumption reports are co-produced by The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) & The American Machine Tool Distributors’ Association (AMTDA).

This is an industry that’s digging itself out of the worst hole since numbers have been kept. The fact that demand for upgraded technology for deployment on the shop floor is rising is as absolute an indication of real growth as I can think of – despite how far we had slipped or how affordable manufacturing technology has become.

But the chart below shows that strong consumption numbers in the manufacturing sector aren’t leading indicators, and ¬†are certainly not reason enough to let our guard down. Continue Reading

The Most Boring, Inspirational, Useless And Coolest Manufacturing Video You’ll See All Day

There are strong signs that US manufacturing is poised for a strong rebound. US manufacturing has expanded for the 18th straight month. Small manufacturers in North America – the core of our manufacturing base – are finally starting to hire. The US gubmint is finally paying attention. Innovation and making things are en vogue again. Manufacturing is showing itself to be the economic force many of us always knew it to be.

But us old salts who have been around and in manufacturing for years know that glamor lives in the seemingly unglamorous. That in what might appear as unsophisticated to the uninitiated, there lies a mastery of the natural world that is honest and irrefutable. It’s the ability to adjust, compose, create and utilize technology to make things well, and better.

Watch this video.

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MTConnect Adds Great Value, Potential

To say MTConnect is revolutionary is a gross understatement. Connecting machines and collecting data using the same protocol not only gives in-plant management far greater agility and control; it also allows for a level of communications between suppliers, customers, OEMs, sales and international partners that could easily be the greatest achievement for manufacturing since CNC. Or even the Internet itself.

MTConnect is the fledgling, open-source communications standard developed by AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology and Sun Microsystems. Its purpose is to create a consistent communications protocol that connects machines, controls and software in a manufacturing environment to each other, allowing for the management, observation and control of varied and often disparate units and methods.

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