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More On Compliance & Governance And Their Impact On Social Media In Manufacturing

Last August, I dropped a post titled “Why Compliance Is Transforming Social Media For Manufacturing & B2B” that pointed out the unique conditions of industrial markets with regard to Social Media use and their real – versus perceived – value to manufacturers.

It’s awfully hard to find examples of these qualities, for many reasons. For one thing, industrial marketing just isn’t sexy (well, to some of us it ain’t) and it doesn’t get the press. But more importantly, most industrial and manufacturing companies like to talk about what they’re DOING with media as opposed to how the media is BEING USED.

But two recent events – one from the financial industry, and one anecdotal – drive home the realities that manufacturers in tightly secured or self-regulated industries must consider before embarking on a Social Media journey to grow their businesses.

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To Create A Successful Social Media Plan in Manufacturing, Look To Your Supply Chain

To Begin Your Social Media Strategy, Look To Your Supply Chain

I work with many companies in manufacturing and industrial markets. And most of the skepticism I hear about marketing from these folks has to do with Social Media.

While most understand the rapid Social Media growth rates and sheer numbers, they say they aren’t seeing the adoption by their customers or within their industries. Add to that the lack of marketing expertise in these companies, and it’s easy to see why they’re reluctant to dive in.

But I say, whether you’re with a manufacturing business that’s gonna “wait and see,” a business that’s tried it and didn’t find the value, or trying to find the right strategy, look to your supply chain(s) for success in your business through Social Media.

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Quality & Value Still Matter – Even In Commodity Manufacturing

Reshoring commodity manufacturing can and does make sense

“Now Main Street’s whitewashed windows and vacant stores
Seems like there ain’t nobody wants to come down here no more
They’re closing down the textile mill across the railroad tracks
Foreman says these jobs are going boys & they ain’t coming back to your hometown.”
My Hometown, Bruce Springsteen, 1984

To me, there’re are few things worse than listening to academics and bean-counters pontificating on the proposition that low-tolerance, high-volume manufacturing has left the US, and won’t – shouldn’t – come back.

As this seductive argument goes, we’ve evolved beyond manufacturing cupie dolls & sweat socks and those things SHOULD be made ‘over there.’ Because US citizens generally won’t pay for quality. Because those jobs making commodity products don’t pay a decent wage. Because we should ONLY be making technically innovative parts, assemblies & products.

Because we’re above it all now.

What a load of horse hockey …

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A Marketing Quadrant For Manufacturers – Content & Social Media

You must have 'the talk.' Whether you're beginning your marketing journey or restarting, the first step has to be discussing what your content proposition is and should be - to serve your customers, and win new business.

You must sit down and have ‘the talk.’

Far and away, the the most common mistake I see made by well-meaning but frustrated manufacturing businesses is ignoring ‘the talk’ about what their Web site & Social Media strategies should be. They discuss colors, or layout. They jump head-first into building a web presence, or establishing a Social Media voice – but rarely discuss content. It just doesn’t seem to matter much.

‘What will we say? What resonates most with our clients and prospects? What are they looking for? What are they trying to do? And what do they need that we can give them to make those things easier? Or better?’

In a perfect world, you’d think manufacturers would be the last to make this mistake. When you receive an RFQ or or inquiry from a prospect, the first thing you want to do is assess what’s needed – review the print, discuss the processes, dissect the job, find a better way. Do it right.

But with mixing marketing & most manufacturers, reality goes into suspended animation. They tend to make it up as they go along. And it’s probably like that at your company.

Here’s a guide to get your conversation about content marketing started. No matter where you are in your marketing journey, use this Marketing Quadrant for Manufacturers to get yourself on track & help ensure that you’re more successful in your own markets.

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Steve Jobs’ Life & Death Leave A Legacy For Manufacturing

Steve Jobs left a legacy that will affect many lives, in many walks, and in unique places. His legacy for manufacturing is compelling, and worthy of some reflection.

I’ve been up half the night and since early this morning reflecting on the life and passing of Steve Jobs. While we all knew he was ill and likely suffering a setback, news of his death shook me harder than I expected.

For me, it feels similar to the JFK and MLK assassinations but different at the same time. Like a slow, simmering introspection – but with the same gravity. Like losing John Lennon, without the flash of powder burns. Like “Uh-oh, this one’s really gonna hurt.”

So I’ve found myself thinking about this man and what he left us. There will be so many more eloquent eulogies in the coming days for this brash, tyrannical, brilliant, honest, spiritual, creative, flawed & perfect soul. But whenever we lose something like Steve Jobs, we have a responsibility to translate what we had and lost into terms that make sense to ourselves. To grow & build on. Personally.

Here are some thoughts about his life & passing and what they maybe mean for our unique place in this world.

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