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Steve Jobs’ Life & Death Leave A Legacy For Manufacturing

Steve Jobs left a legacy that will affect many lives, in many walks, and in unique places. His legacy for manufacturing is compelling, and worthy of some reflection.

I’ve been up half the night and since early this morning reflecting on the life and passing of Steve Jobs. While we all knew he was ill and likely suffering a setback, news of his death shook me harder than I expected.

For me, it feels similar to the JFK and MLK assassinations but different at the same time. Like a slow, simmering introspection – but with the same gravity. Like losing John Lennon, without the flash of powder burns. Like “Uh-oh, this one’s really gonna hurt.”

So I’ve found myself thinking about this man and what he left us. There will be so many more eloquent eulogies in the coming days for this brash,┬átyrannical, brilliant, honest, spiritual, creative, flawed & perfect soul. But whenever we lose something like Steve Jobs, we have a responsibility to translate what we had and lost into terms that make sense to ourselves. To grow & build on. Personally.

Here are some thoughts about his life & passing and what they maybe mean for our unique place in this world.

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