Reshoring Interview – AJ Sweatt on CNBC

A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure to discuss the emerging trend of reshoring on CNBC’s Street Signs. Here’s the interview:

Reshoring (or inshoring, or backshoring, or onshoring … ) is (are?) the term related to manufacturers and OEMs in the West repatriating production to an indigenous country that was once sent offshore to low-wage countries. There have been several examples recently of companies that have reassessed their original offshoring strategies and found that the Total Landed Costs in those extended supply chains were actually more costly than the savings from low-wages or reduced regulations overseas.

I was a bit disappointed in the questions Nigel threw at me – I thought he steered it more toward than the topic of backshoring. We’re certainly not complaining about that – he was great – but it would’ve been nice to have had the time to more clearly enunciate what we’ve seen lately that could help define the “trend.” Still, it was an amazingly cool thing to do, and a privilege to speak up for US manufacturing.

And yeah, I know – they powdered my head just before air time, but I still look like Predator. What in God’s name are those things on my head? Next time, I’m wearing a tuque.

Written by AJ Sweatt