Well, nice to see you here. Thanks for taking a look to learn a little bit about me. I think that’s awesome.

I’m AJ. Today, I live in Cincinnati. Again. For quite a while, I lived in Atlanta. It’s a great town, and it’s warmer than where I moved from (Ohio, the first time). Which was good. But it’s not as warm as where I’m from (Texas). And it’s in the south, which is different from a lot of other places I’ve lived (all over the world).
I’m into a lot. I’m a life-long musician. I’m a professional communicator – that passion began during my time in communications with the US Navy. I’ve discovered yoga later in life and love it. I’m creative, passionate, and not a big fan of polka.

(For more on my professional experiences, work history and accomplishments, check out my LinkedIn Profile.)

My clients run the gamut, throughout business- and supply-chains: from small & midsized manufacturers to large publishers to large OEMs to industry associations. I’ve helped these folks understand and maximize their presence in industrial marketing, internal communications, emerging media, training, the Web and social media for over 20 years. And I think that’s pretty awesome, too.

I’m the bloggist ’round here. I’ve started my own gig to help companies avoid mistakes, and pick the right strategies for their companies to help their customers.