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Just How Healthy Is The US Manufacturing Job Market?

I’m not one to rely solely on statistics to tell the entire story. There are usually intangibles – the human element, seemingly unrelated activity – that fill in the blanks.

We’re seeing a seemingly endless stream of upbeat manufacturing stories lately, that either extol the latest bump in US manufacturing performance or predict an ‘imminent’ boon.┬áBut the bottom line in any economy is jobs. Well-paying, stable jobs that nurture and allow for growth and progressive development of talent. And I believe there are two keys that trump all the fluctuating ISM PMI surveys and economic fits & starts in vertical sectors.

It’s all about the jobs, and the people that fill them. And everything else is hooey.

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Quality Digest LIVE Features ‘Are We Taking US Manufacturing For Granted?’

Last week, I was surprised and flattered to learn that the most rockin’ groove units over at Quality Digest noticed my post ‘Are We Taking US Manufacturing For Granted?’

In the following video, Mike Richman & Dirk Dusharme (who in all likelihood has the only name cooler than mine) take on the premise of whether the general populace has been conditioned to overlook manufacturing’s role in our world. And they took it a step further – they ask, what can we do about it?

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