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Ike had a keen perspective on politics, culture, and technology.
Warnings for US Manufacturing from Eisenhower’s Farewell Address

Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower’s farewell address to the nation at the end of his second term in 1961 is famously remembered for its warning about the ‘military industrial complex’ and the influence – ‘economic, political, even spiritual’ – it could have on the ability of future generations to govern themselves.

But buried in this eloquent, heartfelt speech are also what I see as relevant, important warnings about caring for our national manufacturing and innovation capabilities.

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Thomas Jefferson Weighs In On US Manufacturing

I found these quotes from Thomas Jefferson recently, and I can’t stop thinking about ’em.

Not only are they direct and, of course, extraordinarily well-written, they’re still awfully relevant.

They come from letters that Jefferson wrote between 1815-16. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

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The Two Faces of US Manufacturing

The fact is that our trade and economic policies – or lack thereof – are the primary cause of stagnant manufacturing growth in this country. We in and of manufacturing find ourselves in an environment of two camps, vying on many fronts for supremacy & influence.

And, these days, it sure seems like the inmates are running the asylum.

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