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This tornado slammed Adairsville, GA, and destroyed Daiki - a small fabricating shop there.
This Georgia Manufacturer & Others Need Our Support

Sometimes, it’s hard to decide who to help and when. Often, we have to turn someone or something away in order to support ourselves, our own, and the causes we care most about.

But, to me, this one’s a no-brainer.

On January 30th, 2013, a powerful storm front moved through the southern US and wreaked havoc on communities from Arkansas to the East Coast. Within the front, a massive tornado formed in northern Georgia. In it’s path was Daiki, a metal fabricating shop located in Adairsville, about 60 miles north of Atlanta.

Today, Daiki is barely here.

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The Irony Of Tax Dodgers, Reshoring, And US Manufacturing

I find the comparison between those that off-shored manufacturing from the US and those that leave their home countries to avoid taxes awfully compelling.

Actually, it’s not the motivations behind their actions I find so interesting; it’s the contradictory responses of government & politicians toward both tactics that I find ironic.

Now, I know that unpredictable behavior by governments & politicians aren’t news. But what I’m seeing, I believe, speaks volumes about control, intentions, and who was responsible for moving our production & innovation bases to low cost countries in the first place.

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