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A Year Later, And Still No US Manufacturing Policy

I’d like to wish everyone in the United States – whether you’re affiliated directly with manufacturing or not – a very happy 1st anniversary.

Well, it’s not exactly a happy one … but it HAS been one year since the President established the White House’s Office of Manufacturing Policy¬†(OMP). This office was established in conjunction with replacing then-outgoing ‘manufacturing czar’ Ron Bloom with two co-chairs of this new office. Not one czar – two. Heading up an Office of Manufacturing Policy. Think on that one for a minute .

And still, we have no meaningful signs of a comprehensive manufacturing policy in this country. Instead, we drift along rivers of uncertainty, speculation, (in)visible hands, and disconnected initiatives.

At this stage, we should all be asking the obvious questions – including the most glaring: How much longer are we gonna have to wait?

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