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Let’s Be Smart About Our ‘Buy American’ Strategy


There is no reasonable debate – as far as I’m concerned – against this country getting its ‘Buy American’ game on.

Our manufacturing base has been decimated by this 20+ year race to the bottom, eroded to the point of desperation. There are several right-thinking organizations and individuals dedicated to reversing this trend to bring sanity – along with high-paying jobs & national security – back into our country’s economic equation. And I believe that they are absolutely right. But I’d like to suggest that – in the realities of a global economy – we might want to think before approaching ‘Buy American’ as an ‘all or nothing’ goal.

In times like these, our instincts are to react quickly. We see the emergency for what it is – some would say HAVE SEEN it for some time – and understand that time is precious. We want the pendulum to swing back to the other side. Just do it. Make it stop.

But the laws of unintended consequences have a way of cutting off noses to spite faces. And I think we’d do well to consider these points before we decide that ‘Made In The USA’ is the only acceptable option, for every case.

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5 Ways That Gamification & Apps Can Help Manufacturing

US Manufacturing is in a few¬†quandaries right now. Between several rocks and hard places. It sometimes feels like we’re at the bottom of a pit, looking up at several Buffalo Bills who’re telling us to ‘put the lotion in the basket.’

But ingenuity has a way of changing the game. Despite misguided economists, debilitating trade deficits, and off-putting tax rates & regulations (all of which aren’t new, just more ominous than we’re used to), manufacturers have always managed to turn the corners for those that only think they’re driving the bus.

An example – albeit in its earliest stages – can be found in the convergence of cloud computing, mobile apps, and gamification within the manufacturing sector.

Here are 5 ways that this emerging technology landscape can help to solve many of the challenges faced by US manufacturing in the coming few years.

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