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More On Compliance & Governance And Their Impact On Social Media In Manufacturing

Last August, I dropped a post titled “Why Compliance Is Transforming Social Media For Manufacturing & B2B” that pointed out the unique conditions of industrial markets with regard to Social Media use and their real – versus perceived – value to manufacturers.

It’s awfully hard to find examples of these qualities, for many reasons. For one thing, industrial marketing just isn’t sexy (well, to some of us it ain’t) and it doesn’t get the press. But more importantly, most industrial and manufacturing companies like to talk about what they’re DOING with media as opposed to how the media is BEING USED.

But two recent events – one from the financial industry, and one anecdotal – drive home the realities that manufacturers in tightly secured or self-regulated industries must consider before embarking on a Social Media journey to grow their businesses.

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The 3 Responsibilities Of Innovation

Lack of service, training or supply chain can negate benefits from innovative technology or services

Once you teach a bear to dance, you’d better be prepared to dance until the bear’s ready to stop. – Unknown

There’s a lot of talk lately about innovation and its likely role in the revitalization of US manufacturing. This past June, President Obama announced the formation of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) – a collection of representatives from academia and the public & private sectors that is tasked with making recommendations to the president on just how to best rebuild the US manufacturing engine. Beyond the AMP, the true importance of US manufacturing has jumped back into our collective consciousness over the last 2 years, as we’ve seen what we’ve really given away, and what that loss is costing us.

But despite the plethora of positive columns, articles & studies – as well as the emergence of the reshoring trend – restarting and sustaining our innovation engine throughout our supply & demand chains brings with it great responsibilities.

To make my point, I’d like to share a conversation I had recently with a close personal & professional friend.

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