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Stop Confusing Protectionism With Isolationism

Manufacturing health depends on knowing the difference between isolationism and protectionism

I’ve just read an article by Mike Collins – a straight-shooting, knowledgeable & experienced editor and manufacturing consultant. If you haven’t seen his post ‘Balancing Our Trade Is Not Protectionism‘ yet, you should. It’s fantastic, like most everything else this champion of US manufacturing writes.

There isn’t much to deny here. Mike describes how and why free trade and our policies have led us to critical economic straights, and – I believe, correctly – assigns who’s been steering this course for the last 20 years.

But I do have one bone to pick with Mike – and it’s the title. I don’t mean to single Mike out (this just gave me a chance to plug a fine piece by a fine US manufacturing ambassador). I actually have a problem with the overall misrepresentation of the term ‘protectionism.’ While it may seem like I’m splitting hairs, I think it’s time we stop vilifying the term as though it’s a bad thing.

The fact is, it’s not. On the contrary, protectionism – in just about any form you can think of – is a staple of healthy, successful economies, businesses, families and lives.

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To Create A Successful Social Media Plan in Manufacturing, Look To Your Supply Chain

To Begin Your Social Media Strategy, Look To Your Supply Chain

I work with many companies in manufacturing and industrial markets. And most of the skepticism I hear about marketing from these folks has to do with Social Media.

While most understand the rapid Social Media growth rates and sheer numbers, they say they aren’t seeing the adoption by their customers or within their industries. Add to that the lack of marketing expertise in these companies, and it’s easy to see why they’re reluctant to dive in.

But I say, whether you’re with a manufacturing business that’s gonna “wait and see,” a business that’s tried it and didn’t find the value, or trying to find the right strategy, look to your supply chain(s) for success in your business through Social Media.

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