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Why Tourette’s Syndrome Is The Best Friend I’ve Ever Had

We can learn positive lessons from just about anything, if we keep our eyes and ears open for them.

There has been much tragedy in my life; at least half of it actually happened. — Mark Twain.

We’re all broken.

Some more than others, some carry their breaks on the inside, and some wear theirs on the outside. But we all deal with something.

No life is untouched by loss or tragedy – it’s just part of the package. It’s how we deal with them that matter most.

For me, it’s been Tourette’s Syndrome.

I’ve had TS my whole life. And looking back, it was probably one of the best things that ever happened to me. As a matter of fact, TS may be the best friend I ever had. Because of what I’ve learned from it and how it changed me, what once seemed like a burden to live with has become a blessing I’m not sure I could have lived without.

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The Impact Of Marketing Content Types On Industrial & ManufacturingTechnology Buying Cycles

Specific media serve specific needs at various stages of the capital equipment and industrial technology buying cycles.

In 2009, Google commissioned a survey with the company TechTarget to measure the behaviors around IT technology purchases, and how content types served those prospects throughout the buying cycle.  A compelling feature of this study is that Google used actual keywords and phrases that prospects searched for, as well as the content types they selected.

In short, this is no survey – actual behaviors, keywords searched upon and content types selected were OBSERVED. Real-time, and without the fog of interpretation, memory or recall.

While there are differences between IT and industrial technology buying cycles, there were compelling and surprising conclusions drawn from this study, and industrial marketers should consider these findings to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

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Social Media & The Industrial Technology Buying Cycle

Industrial and manufacturing prospects use media differently than general consumers, to research protracted, complex technology purchases.

In this period of great change and experimentation with emerging media, two things have remained constant within the capital equipment and custom/discrete parts manufacturing industries – the special compliance and corporate requirements of industrial prospects, and the steps they follow through their unique buying cycles.

The stages & steps they follow have remained virtually unchanged throughout the industrial age. While media and communications options have evolved to make their journeys through the cycle more efficient, they’ve remained consistent in following these steps, in virtually the same order.

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