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3 Steps To Online Marketing Nirvana For Manufacturers

Let’s not kid ourselves.

You’re a small to medium sized manufacturer. You don’t have the budget, time or experience to build out a full-blown, corporate-sized, monolithic integrated marketing strategy.

But to do nothing isn’t an option. Not now. You have to get in the game, or you’ll get smoked.

There are 3 basic steps to building a sustainable & valuable marketing plan. You don’t have to enlist an army of Twitterers or spend thousands on a Herculean Website. But you do have to follow some basic steps. Here are my takes on the big 3.

Follow them in order and you’ll maximize your investment. You’ll ┬áincrease the likelihood that you’ll be discovered and engaged by industrial buyers & sourcing professionals looking for your services. AND you’ll give ’em information that sets you apart from your competition.

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GE Appliances CEO Explains Logic of Reshoring Manufacturing to the US

In this video posted from Bloomberg, GE Appliances’ CEO James Campbell explains the logic, benefits and economic viability of reshoring the manufacturing and production of appliances from low-cost sources back to the US.

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