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4 Things US Manufacturing Should Learn From This Super Bowl Commercial

The 2011 Super Bowl rocked. Well, at least the game rocked. Between fans being turned away from unsafe seats, a not-so-hip halftime show and a cringe-worthy national anthem faux pas, the ancillary entertainment quotient this year sorta fell flat for me. Even the commercials – while not the worst I’ve seen – didn’t give me the charge they have in the past.

But one commercial made me sit up in my seat and grabbed my attention.

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9 Rules For Manufacturers Beginning A Social Media Journey

Social Media are confusing and deceptive to manufacturers. I know it. Other communications and marketing cats know it. And in those quiet moments when you allow yourself the luxury, so do you. You’re no more good at keeping up with the evolving and emerging communications and Social Media channels today than I am at programming a Fanuc on a 5-axis Mori or setting up a tombstone.

But it’s OK. It doesn’t have to be hard. It ain’t easy, but with a little bit of that savvy you bring to the shopfloor you can capitalize and improve the likelihood that you’ll get more attention – and business – from manufacturers looking for the services your business can give ’em. You can – and should – do something.

As you begin your new marketing journey – and, like Lean, it is a long-term commitment – here are 9 rules to follow that will keep you focused, and save you some heartache once you’re on your way.

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