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8 Ways To Market To The Reshoring Phenomenon

The ongoing reshoring trend is picking up steam. While it’s true that the media is trumpeting reshoring with a bit of hype & rah-rah-ism, the intentions of more US manufacturers to investigate repatriation of production is undeniable. Small & medium manufacturers must adjust their messaging – primarily via their Web presence – to enunciate their value to prospects & the market in contexts that resonate with these reshoring companies. And it’s becoming more critical as 2011 races by. – AJ, 07 JUL ’11

Many, MANY, MANY manufacturing companies in the US have discovered unexpected costs and risks from pursuing low-cost production through extended supply chains. And 1/3 of them say they’re investigating their options to return work to the US. In the past year, reshoring (or backshoring, or inshoring) has slowly evolved from a trickle to a trend. There’s still a long way to go, but it’s happening.

This phenomenon is awfully encouraging, and it offers manufacturers opportunities to market and communicate more effectively – and to get more of that work that’s coming back.

But few are capitalizing on the reshoring momentum, and that’s a shame.

Don’t just expect this trend to drop work in your lap. You can use the force. Present your business as a reshoring rock star to speak to manufacturers investigating their options and you can attract more opportunities and build new (and rebuild old) relationships. And help spread the reshoring message in the process.

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How Do You Feel About Chinese Manufacturing In The US?

The Chinese aren’t coming. They’re already here.

This week, it was reported that a Chinese manufacturer is opening an aluminum extrusion & fabricating shop in Indiana. There are other examples of this trend, like the Chinese energy company Suntech opening a production & manufacturing plant in Arizona.

Does this bother you?

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Online Marketing For Manufacturers Step 1: Build Your Base

Let’s imagine you and I were opening a store together. We’ve got the location. We’ve spruced up the building. We’ve upgraded the roads to it and the parking lot around it. We have the advertising in place. The lights are on, and the signs are up and looking great. Our grand opening is tomorrow.

And we haven’t stocked the shelves.

Does this make ANY sense to you? Why would anyone spend so much energy to bring in new customers just to disappoint ’em like that? Do you know how expensive it is to get a turned-off customer back? Yeah, we’d be certifiably crazy to open shop like that.

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The Most Boring, Inspirational, Useless And Coolest Manufacturing Video You’ll See All Day

There are strong signs that US manufacturing is poised for a strong rebound. US manufacturing has expanded for the 18th straight month. Small manufacturers in North America – the core of our manufacturing base – are finally starting to hire. The US gubmint is finally paying attention. Innovation and making things are en vogue again. Manufacturing is showing itself to be the economic force many of us always knew it to be.

But us old salts who have been around and in manufacturing for years know that glamor lives in the seemingly unglamorous. That in what might appear as unsophisticated to the uninitiated, there lies a mastery of the natural world that is honest and irrefutable. It’s the ability to adjust, compose, create and utilize technology to make things well, and better.

Watch this video.

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Why Manufacturing Surveys Are Critical For Your Web Site And Marketing Content

What is your Web site for, anyway?

You’re a manufacturer. Your Web site is supposed to tell customers and prospects what you do, why you’re different, and how you can make your customers rock stars. That’s its primary objective – give ’em good reasons why you deserve their attention.

The content of your site should speak to their needs, challenges and pain. To do that, you have to understand the mindset and trends of engineers, manufacturing executives and sourcing cats. If you listen to your prospects, they’ll tell you exactly what you should be saying to them.

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