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Roll Another Yuan, Just Like The Other Yuan

If you think China’s floating of the yuan/renminbi is gonna turn US manufacturing or the trade deficit around anytime soon, you’re smoking something. Consider this:

China most certainly isn’t stupid. It’s built its economy – with a LOT of help – around manufacturing for export. These guys aren’t in any hurry to pull the plug on this party and, as it’s been written already, the announcement was more likely political (in advance of the upcoming G-20) than altruistic.

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Hey Manufacturers! Social Media Is Your New Receptionist

Social Media – Twitter, LinkedIn & other manufacturing-focused online communities – are in their discovery phases. It’s early in the game, as people (i.e., your customers & prospects) drive us all toward maturation and adoption to serve our businesses.

And make no mistake – your customers are driving the train now. Not your CEO, your President, or your board … it’s the customer, stupid.

One really good seed from which to grow the right Social Media strategies for your manufacturing shop, plant or factory is to think of these emerging channels as your “new receptionist.”

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Hey, Manufacturers – It’s Called ‘Social’ Media For A Reason

Social Media for manufacturers can be tricky. Many are trying it out with the “Broccoli Mentality” – “I don’t really like it, but I’m eating it because I’ve heard it’s good for me.”

But Social Media – whether it’s Twitter, or LinkedIn, your own Web site/Blog, other Blogs, Forums – only work if you accept that you have to be social. Gone are the days of trumpeting a message to the masses and watching the lemmings come shuffling in the door. Conversations are important, and they lead to deeper exchanges. Just like relationships.

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