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The Tollbooth Has Moved Up The Road

Would you consider yourself a printer? I’ll bet you don’t, but you are.

Think for a minute about what we had to do 20 years ago to print a color brochure, a mailer or a quote for a job – if you were lucky, you had access to a copier. Or a fax machine. Now, think about what technology allows us to do today. For relatively little investment, we can design and print or distribute astonishingly professional documents and media from our computers that rival what we went to “professionals” for not that many years ago.

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Can ‘Procial’ Networks Energize SMMs?

Procial Networks” is a phrase that plays off “social networks” – think Facebook or MySpace, only designed and maintained to support “professionals” instead of the broad masses, singles or college kids.

I had hoped to be the first off the line to coin the phrase “procial,” but I gots to give props to YS Librarian for being the first to use it – at least that I could find. Fair is fair, right?

Hey, at least I got the silver.

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Make Your Web Site An Advocacy Toolkit

Follow me here, ’cause this is important:

How do you or your employees use the Web to “buy” stuff?

Don’t bother answering. These are the basic rules that define your online research behaviors to support a purchasing decision:

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